One of the main basic principles that all the religious and traditions obey is to respect the old. In my opinion, the old have made contribution to our society when they are young, so it is reasonable for them to get the world’s honor. 
First, respecting the old is our country’s tradition. China has more than five thousand years’ history, our culture is diverse and profound, the merits such as loving peace and respecting the old have been inherited, and the generations keep these merits all the time. These traditions make people being a warm-hearted guy, so we can live in a harmonious world. We should carry on the behavior of respecting the old, let the world be full of love.
Second, we have inherited the world from our ancestors, If not for the hard work and contribution they have done for us, we can’t enjoy the comfortable moment and live a happy live. Before we were born, some of the old people fought in wars for the freedom, in case the next generation still being slaves, they sacrificed their comfortable lives. So we should show our respect to the old, they deserve it. 
In conclusion, the old deserve people respecting them, what they sacrifice for the world will be remembered. We should be thankful for what they did.
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