As the society are becoming complex day by day, more and more people are hoodwinked by a lot of temptation or other material things, ignoring the most nature emotion, love. Many people doubt the existence of love. I totally disagree with their opinion. A few days ago, I watched the movie Love Story In Beijing. I come to realize that what is love and it is around our life.


First of all, love is put one's heart and soul into her shoes. If you love someone, you will do everything for her; you will think on her side. You will reject all the temptations that can make you live better, just because you don’t want to hurt her. Secondly, love is forgiveness. No matter what the other one do to you, you will forgive her at last. You won’t treat her eye for eye. Although what she has done hurts you so much, you won’t do the same thing to, because you love her. Thirdly, love is growing old together. The outside word is so colorful, but what you want is to grow old with her together and treasure every minute with her. What’s more, you will leave a place for her forever in your deep heart, even she has passed away.


Love is a kind of emotion that everyone has. It is around us. If we pay attention, we will find it. So, do not lose the faith to believe the existence of love. It is the feeling that every can feel by heart.


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