Distance love has been a hot topic among young people; most of them have such experience. Some people believe that if the couple loves each other, the distance is not a big deal, while some others believe that it is hard to keep the distance love relationship, because distance frustrates communication. As for me, we should think twice before making decision. 
One the one hand, distance love means loneliness and torment. When the couple is in different places, they need to keep communication through computer or cell phone; they can’t be face-to-face in a long time. While when two people are falling in love, they want to see each other every day and share happiness and sorrow. The long distance distresses the couples, when they need each other, their partners are always absent, and then they will feel lonely and sad.
On the other hand, distant love enhances trust issues. When couples are deciding to start to begin distance love, the first problem they worry about is temptation. As they can’t see the other everyday, they will think about what will happen to their boyfriends and girlfriends, maybe others are chasing them or we will break up soon. If the couples can hold on these, it means them they trust each other deeply, their love is strong.
Distance love is so suffering, but it also brings happiness. If you can defeat loneliness, then you can start distance love.
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