With the improvement of material life level, more and more parents are tending to give their children material rewards. For instance, if children get a good mark in the exam, they might get an ipad or something expensive. When it comes to this topic, different people have different views. Some people think this policy is bad for children, others hold the opposite views. I think it has advantages and disadvantages.
In the first place, there is no doubt if parents promise child that they will get the things they want after they are doing good in the exam, children will try their best or every make a breakthrough in study. However, this reward policy might let them have a false consciousness, which the child might think if they are good at something they are certainly get rewarded. They will be frustrated when they don’t have rewards when they go to work in the future, which happens frequently.
In the second place, it is child’s obligation to have a good remark on their study, if there is a reward exists, their parents had already get them, the tuition. Child can go to school to receive education due to parents’ money, they should learn as hard as they can, but not thinking too much about the rewards. A reward could stimulate the learning desires, but material reward is not necessary, a trip to zoo, picnic, and fairground is enough for child.
All in all, parents should give children more mental rewards, instead of material rewards. Let the children know what real point of their studying is, and have a thankful heart to study hard.
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