In this fast-changing society, our free time is very precious to all of us. It is important for us to take some time to refresh ourselves and prepare for the challenges in front us. Some people prefer to plan everything very carefully at their free time, because they want to live the most of life; while the others choose not to make any plans at all. Well, in my opinion, both thought have their advantages.
On one hand, people who plan everything carefully can avoid wasting too much time on making decisions. If one makes plan in advance, he will have more free time to do the things he wants to. For instance, if he plans to see a movie this Sunday, he will buy a ticket on Tuesday. If he buys a ticket before the movie begins, he probably won’t get any tickets. Then his plan will fail. Therefore, being prepared carefully can avoid you plans fail, to a large extend. It’s not only save your precious time but also ensure your mood is not being disturbed by unexpected surprises.
On the other hand, plan nothing at all also has its own advantages. The non-planers can change their mind at the last minute without worrying offends anybody, because they do not make any commitment to anybody. What’s more, not everything we plan will come out exactly the way we want to be. Sometimes, it’s really hard to finish all the works before deadlines. Without plans, we can enjoy more freedom and less pressure.
To sum up, both planned and unplanned have their own benefits. I still prefer to plan things carefully. My time is limited, so I want to make the best use of it. By planning in advance, I can do the things I want and see the people I want to see. If something unexpected happen, I can replace my former plan with Plan B.
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