There is an old saying that two heads are better than one, which suggests that the majority’s collective wisdom always dwarfs that of the minority, let alone any individual. There are people who believe that for a society to cohere there must be a strong consensus as well as unity and discipline. Therefore we must not overemphasize the importance of critical thinking which is abound to result in confusion and quarrels.
But I don’t agree with this. First, I have no respect for majority’s wisdom. I believe that most people do not usually use their heads, they are also lack of creativity, and therefore are ignorant and prejudiced and often become mobs and stampede easily. Second, anyone who has the creativity will have an important impact on our society. But their wisdom is usually different from the majority’s.
In a word, everything has two sides. What’s more important is that to learn knowledge from different kinds of wisdom and to improve our ability.
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