In the past decades, the development of new technology promotes the increasing need of students and other customers, electronic dictionaries are becoming more and more popular. Despite these electronic dictionaries may have some minor disadvantages, comparing to their advantages, people are willing to use them.
On the one hand, electronic dictionaries are extremely portable and light-weight, they can contain numerous words and messages, which may up to one million words, even more. If a paper dictionary contains the same messages, it will be very large and heavy.

On the other hand, electronic dictionaries work very fast. When we want to check the words, we can type the words, and then the words will be found in no more than three seconds, how convenient it is! Just work as the computer does, it also safe us a lot of time. While with a paper dictionary, we have to go over the book, and then find the word amongst hundred words, this takes us a lot of time. Electronic dictionaries make students work efficiently.

Electronic dictionaries also have disadvantages, such as sometimes they give the wrong message, sometimes the message is not overall. But despite the flaws, people like to use electronic dictionaries, in the future, they are the students’ first choice.
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