In the last ten years, the number of teenage smokers has been increasing quickly. Teenagers are in the age of being mature, they like to chase for new things, and they are easily affected by the environment. The reasons of the increasing of teenage smokers are various.
First, Chinese economy has been developed quickly. People’s life standard is becoming better and better, they get more income, as the family gets rich, the teenagers has more pocket money. As a result, teenagers has a lot of money to buy what they want, the cigarette is being their choice.
Second, teenagers are easily affected by the movie. As there are a lot of movies about the main character smoking, these movies are heroism. Teenagers treat the character’s smoking behavior as the showing of coolness, so they will imitate the smoking behavior.
Third, as the family plan took action, there are a lot of families have only a child, so the family spoils their kids, they give everything to the kids, even the kids make mistake, they turn the dead ears to the kids’ behavior. So the children dare to smoke.
In all, the teenage smokers are increasing, teenagers should not smoke, it does harm to the body, the family should educate their kids, and the government should take more action to reduce the teenage smokers.
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