As the development of the Internet, more and more people have computer, we use computer everyday, it has become part of our life. As for college students, almost all of them have computer, they need it so much, but when the students come in the dormitories, they play games all the time.


  On the one hand, college student need to use computers to search the Internet, so they can find useful message for their study. As a student, we need to get all kinds of dates for our research paper, we need to get to know about the world and other people’s paper, so we can make some creation. Computer provides such a big stage, we should make full use of it.


On the other hand, computer gives students all kinds of message, some students are addicted to computer games, they abandon their study, playing the computer games when they are finishing the class. The Internet just like a big whole world, which is full of temptation, students are so easily lose themselves.


  The Internet is very important for college student, they can’t leave it, because students need computer to do with homework. But at the same time, they should control themselves, not to lose in the computer world.


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