Before I go to college, I have to wear school uniforms, different school has different uniforms. As for me, I get used to wearing uniforms, but for many of my classmates, they hate to wear uniforms so much, different students have different opinions.


First, the ones who like to wear school uniforms think that they don’t have to worry about what to wear. In the school, the students’ main duty is to study, the clothes style will distract them, some students even like to compete with others, wearing expensive clothes, showing off their rich family. Just like the school queen and king. It is not good for student’s growing.


Second, the ones who are object to wear school uniforms think that it limits their individuality. As we are in the young age, we have the right to decide what we wear, wearing the school uniforms all the time is so uncomfortable, we should wear colorful clothes. What’s more, the students have to pay for the uniforms, they are unwilling to spend money on the ugly style.


Both opinions are reasonable, I take vote to the former, before high school, we should wear school uniforms, when we are in college, we can choose wear what we want.


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