Many years ago, when students were having class, the teaching method is not various, teachers only wrote down the words on the blackboard, if the students want to hear some examples, the teachers could say in word, letting the students imagine. But now, as the technology develops, most classrooms are equipped with muti-media, there are many advantages.


With the muti-media in the class, it can enhance students’ interests. Unlike the traditional teaching method, students only watch the blackboard or just listen to the teachers, muti-media provides students video and moving pictures, they won’t feel bored or sleepy, which helps the students better listen to the class. Second, as the class becomes active, students will learn with happy mood, muti-media makes the classroom more fun, which might be a significant factor in motivating the students. Third, by using different equipments, teachers can carter to the students with different teaching style. Sometimes keeping the same teaching method is not good for all students, different students need different way to learn.


Meti-media is developing fast now, even in the small village, the school is using it. Using different equipment to teach student is a good way to improve teaching method. Meti-media will be appeared in all the class.

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