Nowadays, parents trend to send their kids to study abroad, they think foreign education is better than our country’s, so most parents like their kids to gain foreign education. After college education, some choose to work, while some choose to study abroad, will you prefer the latter?


On the one hand, study abroad can enhance our English oral and we can learn the native culture. When we are in a foreign country, it is naturally that we have to speak in English, in the long run, we will speak good English. We also can have access to the local culture and get to know more about the country.


Second, your parents have to spend a lot of money. It is known to all that study abroad is very expensive, parents have to store for many years. You also will feel lonely in a strange circumstance. When you live abroad, you have to leave all your friends and relatives, struggling in a different place.


Study abroad needs to be measured, if your parents are rich, you can choose, but if not, you have to consider the scholarship, the work you do and so on.


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