As is known to us all, teachers play an important role in our process of growing up. As far as I am concerned, an ideal teacher should be responsible, impartial and wise.
First of all, a qualified teacher should be responsible. For one thing, he should try his best to make his class interesting and try to understand what his students need. For another, he needs to keep enthusiastic with his job of spread knowledge all the time and act as an example for others everywhere he goes to. 
Second, be impartial is another requirement. As a teacher, he should not divide students into good ones and bad ones since each student has unique characteristic and value. Therefore, no matter what kind of students he encounters, he should treat them impartially, without any bias.  
Finally, my ideal teacher is one who does not only teach students his specialized knowledge but also can give students some guidance about life and about how to act as human beings. This guidance has a great effect on students’ outlook on life and sense of worth. 
To sum up, an ideal teacher should not only pay attention to the achievements his students get, but also put emphasis on developing students’ correct views on life and sense of worth.  

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