With the development of society, there are more and more new industries appear in people’s life. Advertising industry is one of them. It is at the trends of flourishing. In some extend, it changes our life, bringing great benefits to us. We can’t live without it. There are several reasons to account for me view.
First of all, advertising provides clear goods information to us. When we walk into the supermarket, we will see dazzling commodities. It is common that we don’t know what to choose as we don’t have a better understanding about them. At that time, advertisement can offer help for us. We can choose a product according to its advertisement, because every advertisement will show the best part for that product. Even though we don’t know the commodities well, but we can have a little understanding about it. In the other words, advertisement plays the role as assistance when we are buying things. 
首先,广告为我们提供了明确的商品信息。当我们走进超市的时候,我们会看到琳琅满目的商品。通常我们都不知道要买什么因为 我们不怎么了解它们。这个时候,广告就可以帮助我们了。我们可以根据广告来选择商品,因为每个广告都展示了产品的最好部分。虽然我们不了解商品,但我们还是可以有一点点了解的。换句话来说,在我们买东西的时候,广告帮了我们很多。
Secondly, advertisement also gives a chance for many people to find a job. The ad is everywhere around us. So it must need many people to work for it. In the competition society, it is a good opportunity for us to solve the difficulty of employment. Without advertising industry, there are many people will lose their jobs? 
To sum up, it is my point about the advantages of advertising. We should make full use of it in our daily life and occupation. 

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