In modern society, internet has played a very important role in finding jobs in that it provides a lot of conveniences for us to get information about employment. However, every coin has two sides and there are also several disadvantages of finding jobs through internet. 
First of all, finding jobs through internet is quite likely to be cheated for that there is a large amount of fake information over the internet. It is quite difficult to identify the truth of information. Second, finding jobs through internet is easy to divulge our information, which produces potential danger for ourselves and our family because we have given out our information over internet and our information is possibly used by the undesirable. Finally, we are easy to get confused by finding jobs through internet because there is too much information over internet. Faced with diversiform information over internet, we would feel perplexed if we have not a certain direction of employment. 
Therefore, we need to be caution in finding jobs through internet. In addition, to create a better employment environment, our government should enhance supervise of internet world.

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