Nowadays, there is a hot debate about whether college students should learn other courses, which are beyond their major. There are two main opinions. One supports this view, because it is good for students’ integrated development. But the other opposes students to take part in the courses beyond their major, because it is bad for students to be the person of outstanding ability. As far as I am concerned, I stand in the former side. My reasons are as following.
On the one hand, taking part in the courses beyond students’ major can help they learn, to get more perfect preparation for their future. In the contemporary society, the definition for a talent is not only being outstanding on one field. It needs the people know the things in all field. Let me take a simple example, an English teacher still needs to have the ability to teach music, PE or drawing. This is the requirement for the new century talent. If students learn the knowledge beyond their major, they are supposed to be more close to that kind of talent. It is good for them to find a good job in the future and get adapt to the society easier. On the other hand, learn new courses that having no business of their study will not take up their time to study their major well. As time is limited, if students know that they have other classes to join, they will make the best use of their time to finish the task on their major. In the other word, it helps them become more efficiently. 
In a word, taking part in the course beyond major is helpful for college students themselves. According to the reasons mention above, it can help students have a better preparation for the entering the society and improve their characteristics.

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