With development of the society, the competition is more and more fierce. In order to be the back sheep in the competition, there are large number people use fake diplomas to fight for it. Different people have different opinions towards this phenomenon. Some think it is advisable, because of the fierce competition. But some consider it is not right from several sides. Of course, I am one of the latter groups. My reasons are as follows. 
First of all, using fake diploma will bring negative influence. Living in this world, no one is isolate. Besides, change according to changing circumstances and fluke mind exists in the majority of people. If there are a few of people get success or profit by fake diploma, there will be another crowd of people want to have a try. Can you imagine what the world will be if it is full of fakeness. Is any possible that trust still exists? At that time, how serious the consequence would be. 
Secondly, it is not fair for the people who get the true diploma. Two people in the same position, but one of their diplomas is faked. Do you think what the other one will think? He must feel unfair. Even it will affect the relationship between them, or have negative emotion on his mind. 
Last but not least, it will do harm to the people themselves. If they succeed in using fake diploma this time, they do other similar things next time. As a result, they will become dishonest at last and will be punished one day.
To sum up, fake diploma is not advisable. People should figure out some measures to ban this phenomenon. It will be good for everyone.

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