Academic dishonest has become one of the most serious problems in educational circles. The world grows better and better, while academic dishonest also become more and more common. What is academic dishonest. According to my understanding, it includes plagiarism, fabrication, deception, cheating, sabotage and academic fraud. Many outstanding educators and scientists may cheat in their academic words. In my opinion, there are three main reasons. 
Firstly, vanity plays an important part. No matter common people or outstanding people, they have the same psychology that is vanity. Some famous scholars will choose to use academic dishonest to get a better fame. Secondly, academic achievement becomes the main standard to get promotion or salary rise. Some people may have the fluke mind, so they choose to cheat everyone, especially their boss will give what they want. Thirdly, the punishment for academic dishonest is still too tolerant. Academic dishonest is rare to be found, unless it has brought serious consequence. Some people want to success at any cost will choose this way.
In a word, the outstanding people are the example for us. They should use their special position to set a good example for us. In my view, small progress is better than the fake breakthrough. Although they may get what they want for the time being through academic dishonest, they will be notorious once discover cheating. So I hope everyone should look before they leap.

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