With the increasing of social competition and the stress of finding jobs for the university graduates, more and more college students are crazy about the government posts. Sometimes there happens one thousand people fight for one position. It is crazy, but this phenomenon has increase but no more decrease. What do you of think of this? For me, I think they should see things from full sides. 
First of all, the competition of getting a government post is very intense. Let’s put asides the advantages of government post. They need to spent a tremendous effort on it and have little chance to achieve. In most cases, their effort is in vain. If the graduate students put too much hope on it, it will influence their efficiency of finding other jobs. At last, they may lose the good job and can’t capable with others on government post. 
Secondly, not only government post is good job. Some of the positions are also very tired and some may very comfortable but without competitiveness. And everyone fits for every job. In addition, many people work in the enterprise also can have a bright future. They also can have a happy life. They can choose the job that they like and the competitiveness is not as large as the government post. 
To sum up, government post is not the only choice for college students. They have more choices. They should choose the job that is suitable for them, instead of crazy on government post.

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