Children always are the apple of their parents’ eyes. With the improving of people’s living standard, the society and parents provide a more privileged life for the children. For a child, he may experience no frustration until he grows up. So, some people point out if children living in such circumstance, they may be unfit for the brutal competitive society. How to care for children in a right way becomes a hot debate. I have two suggestions for this question.


First of all, parents should let their children go. Everyone is unique in the world and everyone has their own thought. Although parents care for their children, they can’t arrange everything for their children. Besides, maybe what they arrange is not the thing that their children want. They have their own way to go and they have to face everything by themselves one day. Why not let them grow up little by little? Spoiling children can provide a non-polluted environment for them from the appearance, but in fact, it will increase the difficulty for them in their later life. So parents need to let their children walk on their own, instead of trying to hold their hands at every turn.


In addition, parents should listen to their children. Though children’s thought is immature to the adult, they need to listen to their children, so that they can understand what the children want and need. This is a good way to treat people. If parents only put their thought on children without asking anything, it is the way to treat animals. And if parents understand their children’s thought, they can lead them in a proper way to make children grow up healthily.


In summary, using the proper to care for children is necessary. It can really help children grow up healthily.


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