Recently, I read about Dr. Martin Luther King with his famous lecture called “I have a dream” in order to find my direction and catch my dream in the new university life. Affected by his power, I think a lot myself.
Everybody has a dream, and I believe even a dog or a kitty has their dream, too. Why such a thing, that everyone has, can play such an important role in one’s heart? Did you ever wonder why a dream, sometimes it comes so easy? To me, the reason is that, I believe I am unique and young. You’re different from me while I’m different from her. Maybe you want to be a painter and she wants to be a singer. We are young, we own the future, and we are the designer of our future. Every young man can have their own idea about the future. Even though sometimes it seems that your dream will not come true, you just can’t help thinking about it over and over, right?
To be honest, I dream to be a fashion designer. I loved those gorgeous glamorous clothes, especially for females’. I think making a lady looks charming is an amazing work. Once she put on those clothes designed by me, then changed into a princess, just like Cinderella. This surging feeling drove me crazy. Even till today, I am still thinking, youth should have youth’s momentum. Never wild is never young. Now, dream is not only a dream but also a power sticking me on my future.

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