Nowadays, with the development of the computer, people can have access to the information easily, if we want to read a novel, the first thing we do is to search the Internet, download the novel and finish reading quickly. While still some choose to read on the paper book, the difference between ebook and paper book is in on the following:


First, ebook is much more convenient. Once we have the thought about what we want to read, we can get the information on the Internet, all the information will be come out at once, the author, the main plot will be listed. While if we want to read on the paper book, we need to go to the library or buy it on the shop, it takes time to do it. second, most ebooks are free, while if we want free paper books, the only way is to get to the library, but we need to return in time, sometimes we will forget to return.第一,电子书更方便。一旦我们有念头去看想要看的书,可以在电脑在找到信息,所有的信息会立刻出来,作者,主要情节列出来。然而如果我们想要看纸质书,需要去图书馆或者在商店买,这需要花时间。第二,大部分的电子书是免费的,要看免费的纸质书,唯一的方法就是去图书馆,但是我们要及时还回去,有时候我们会忘记。

Even ebook has more advantages than paper book, still some people choose to read on paper book, because it is comfortable. Indeed, reading ebook is easy to get tired and eyes get hurt. On my opinion, both are good for me, if I have time, I prefer to read paper book, if not, I choose ebook.


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