Recently, there is an issue has arouse large numbers of net friends attention, three pupils help a older who fell to the ground and was framed by the falling older that these kids known her over. The older demanded compensation from the kids and even went to their home to live .Most netter sympathize three enthusiastic children and accuse the older make use of children’s kindness to cheat money. they also doubt nobody is going to help others in future.


First of all, not every strangers are cheater, the one who take advantage from others only account for a minority of society. Just image, what if one day you are in trouble and no one wants to help you? Should we be onlookers when other people fall down or get injured in front of us? We should learn from the three kids, it isn’t their wrong of helping the older; their problem is they are unlucky to meet a fraud.


Secondly, helping other is the traditional virtue of China; we can not hesitate of helping others because of a few negative behaviors. We are educated to offer assistant to others from childhood, if everyone afraid of getting trouble and tune a blind eyes to the people in need, the society will become cold and there is only suspicion.


In fact, helping others is helping ourselves, there is an old saying in China, One good turn deserves another, which means to be a good person and keep to help others, rewards will come to nice guys first.。


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