We see from the TV show that there are many mass-election shows to discover the potential star, like Voice of China, Chinese Idol and Chinese’ s Got Talented. New stars will come into being, teenager is these shows’ main target, their viewpoints on the idol decide what kind of person will be outstanding among these show, but teenager sometimes are blind to adore idol, it annoys many parents.
Teenager is under being mature; they always judge a person from outlook, which is very superficial standard to judge a person like that. Some stars who are endowed with handsome faces easily get teenagers’ attention, teenager adore them, imitate their idols. Some idols are created by the company, actually, they are nothing inside, just their beautiful faces. As teenagers’ idols, they should be having something inside, showing their negative power.
Without much ability of judge, teenagers easily imitate idols’ negative behavior. Many years ago, there was a very popular idol drama, the four handsome guys called F4, they like to use violence to make things work out, F4 were imitated by teenagers, it was reported that many middle school boys went to other school to get a fight, how terrible it is, teenager did it because they thought it was cool, but they ignore the coming punishment, which could make them in jail!
As a teenager, they don’t have many ideas about what is wrong and what is right, almost everyone has an idol, they should choose the good one to follow, which gives them positive example.
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