In present society, many students think they should enjoy their wonderful university life. What method they usually enjoy is going to play, shopping, or falling in love. In this fast-peace life, most graduates can not stand any pressure, they are lazy, but want high salary and comfortable jobs. Considering their future, I think all college students should do some meaningful part-time jobs or do internship before graduate so that to improve their ability to cope with society.
In university, students’ spare time is sufficient, in their spare time, students can find some part-time job to do, on the one hand, to exercise their abilities, and increase the experience, on the other hand, still can obtain a certain reward at their disposal, and was the best of both worlds.  Moreover, now because the enterprises in the aspect of market competition, the selection of talent demand is higher and higher, social experience and the existing ability is the enterprise an important condition of job offers. We can not stop the pace of others, but we can speed up their growth rate; we can't reduce the enterprise standard of choose and employ persons, but we can improve their professional ability. Before really stepping into society, it is necessary to find a job to temper yourself.
Nowadays, in order to increase new graduates’ competition in the workplace, we usually need to practice, and it is also a lot of required courses of the college. Internship is one of the college students’ experiences for their future career. Only personal experience to further determine the target career as a negative right, ideal career with real career, whether there is a gap in the gap is how much, if they can accept. And for recruitment firm, internship experience is a way they examine the ability of college students. If you can't finish internship, how can the boss believe you can finish well in the future formal work?
In one's career, work is for a long time, the internship is short. But just as the love of marriage and driving period, though short, hard but it relates to our future happiness and peace for a long time. Hope that all students can experience more in college, play to their potential, and find their own position in their future work.
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