When we are children, there are lots of people ask about our dreams, and our answers most are doctors, policemen, teachers etc. But when we grow up, we have to face the reality, not everyone would realize childhood dreams, and some of these dreams even are unrealistic which will never be able to achieve. Therefore, we need correctly treat the relationship between dream and reality.


First of all, dream is the spiritual power to encourage people progress. Napoleon once said: “He is a bad soldier who doesn't dream of becoming a general”. In the process of growing up, we must want to give up our purpose when encounter difficulties, and at the moment, dreams would be the power for us to insist on.


Second, reality is a reflection of the real environment. Many people think dream is heaven, and reality is hell, but in my opinion, reality is a double-edged sword which makes us keep a sense of crisis. When young people addicted to the unpractical dreams, reality would awaken them which would avoid them make wrong judgment.


In my opinion, both dream and reality are important, young people can't ignore one of them. The most critical thing in life is using positive attitude to face the constantly changing society, and strive to cultivate interests, which will be easier to succeed.


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