A large number of students hold a misunderstanding towards history study because they consider it as useless and boring. However, each subject has its own value, not excepting history.


There are several points accounting for my view. In the first place, history is a part of culture, which is the spiritual backbone of a nation. Through learning history, we can appreciate the culture of a country, as well as the history of its development, so that we can understand our nation better. In the second place, history learning helps us to make correct decision. By review the history of our nation’s development, we are able to avoid some mistakes which we had made in the past and draw lessons from past experience, which is helpful for us to make correct decision. Last but not least, we can learn some new ways of thinking from learning history. By learning different ways to solve problems in history, we will be the people with a compressive mind.


In brief, learning history is necessary and important. Therefore, there is no the most useful course at all, and we should make effort to find out the value of each course.


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