Nowadays, it is not strange to see a young people who become a mortgage slave, since Chinese people have made an agreement that get marry after buy a house. As we can see, the real estate advertisement is everywhere in the city. However, the real estate market strong impetus first came from the effective demand for the release of individuals.


By storing most of their wealth in real estate, many Chinese households have become house price dependent. They dream about that they will have a happy family life after they have a house of their own, but as a matter of fact, a family like that has to repay the loan principal and interest with 40%-50% of disposable income or even higher proportion every year. Undoubtedly, it will affect the normal consumption, make family life quality drops, and even make people feel depression of slavery.


Unlike the house slave, some young couple chose not to buy house for marriage, they rent an apartment, and use the rest money to enjoy life, like buy something good for parents, take a trip when they like to. By contrast, their pressure is far smaller than house slave; they don’t have to worry about mortgage. In my point of view, I won’t become a house slave unless a have money to buy a house.


To conclude, become a home mortgage slave is really stressful, why don’t we abandon the conception that “we don’t get marry unless we own a house”. Use the extra money to make your life more colorful?

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