It has been widely reported that the economic recession has hobbled young people in debt and joblessness, making them less likely to buy some of the staples of adulthood, including cars. It becomes a big problem to car company, they may have tried to hook in young drivers, like most consumer companies, they like to appeal to young people early on, but learned it was not working.


Several reasons can account for this phenomenon. In the first place, cars have become less affordable for cash-strapped young adults, and driving simple does not seem as cool as it once was. For a young adult who just coming out of college, it is almost impossible to buy a car by themselves within 3 years. Besides, many young adults are willing to live in the place where is nearby their work place with public transportation, according to the survey, and some of them are able to catch a ride with others.


In the second place, young adults are too busy to get a driver’s license. Most young people have to spend all day long for their job, and even work overtime. They have to fend themselves, because of it; they don’t have the bandwidth to take on anything else. What is more, lots of young adults think that the internet may have also made driving more of a hassle than a convenience. Why drive to shopping centers when you can order virtually anything online?


In conclusion, it has become a fact that young adults have less interested in cars, however, it may be a good thing for air pollution and crude oil crisis.


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