Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, fakes appear widely on the market, they range from medicines, 3C products to cooking oil etc. More serious is that these products have entered the Realms of TV advertising, they have deeper into human’s lives.


Bad commercial advertisements will undoubtedly take large numbers of side-effect and harm to consumers. If audiences believe the false advertisement and buy the products, both their property and healthy would be damaged. In addition, fake commodities are not only extremely harmful to consumers, as well as the whole society, it break the market order, reduce the credibility of the real business ,make these kinds of product stay away from people’s trust.


In my opinion, for the government, certain policies and measures should be taken on the spot, such as dispose the TV station of handing in money, judge the selling fake bad manufacturer criminal punishment, and prohibit the emergence of the harmful advertisement. For the audience, they should strengthen the discrimination ability of the false goods, and would not be cheated by the fake television advertising as the cheap price and convenience.


To sum up, we need to work together to make the false advertisement disappeared in our lives. For me, I will not buy the fake goods, and will report them at the first time. It is time for me to practice what my preaches about cracking down on fake goods.

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