Can machines really think? The artificial intelligence, such as a computer that thinks like a human being is scary. Is building a machine that thinks like a human really possible? We are ever closer to building an AI that thinks like a human. When it comes to this issues, different people offer different views, some people think that machine has feelings like human beings is interesting and it may be a better server to human; while the other think it is dangerous, it may causes a revolt.
People who approved of human feelings machine think that once robot has specific feelings, such as happy, sad, anger, they might be more humanize. For example, maybe in the future a robot nanny will replace a real human nanny, who are work more effective and without any complain. If they have real emotion, they are more perfect, and more like a company but not a cool machine.
People who against human robot argue that once the robot is more intelligent than we think, that maybe a great tribulation to human beings. There has a potential risks that once the robot is smart enough, they may unwilling to be human’s server anymore, they may want to be legally citizens, or even worse, to be the owner of the world. It is possible because they are smart and they are stronger compare with human beings.
It is not sure what will happen in the future, having robot to serve for human beings is a good thing, but the issue of artificial intelligence is still controversial.
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