Speaking of reading, many people are excited because reading brings them both knowledge and entertainment. By reading, we can learn lots of information and know our history. But for some people, reading is not their priority. They will choose to watch movies to have fun. However, I think people can benefit a lot by reading.


First of all, reading can let us know what have happened in history. Since history is recorded in books, if we read books, then we can not only what have happened in history but also we can better understand the great figures of the age.


Secondly, reading can enrich our knowledge. By reading, we can know different kinds of things, how things happen and how to avoid bad things from happening. Books record a wide range of things about life. Through reading, we can know various aspects of life.


Thirdly, reading teaches us skills. There are so many books about how to learn a certain language, how to get a good job, how to become popular in your circle, how to cook and so on. Thus, these kinds of books can make us more skillful if we do a certain thing.


All in all, we can find lots of benefits through reading.


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