Computer is increasingly popular in people’s daily life. The number of computer in every family is more than TV set. Some people think it is so great that they all regard it as a gift from the heaven. However, some people consider it brings more disadvantages than advantages. In my opinion, both opinions are correct, but if we can use computer in a proper way, its advantages are superior to disadvantages. I have several reasons.


On the one hand, computer makes human beings’ life become easier. People can do many things that they can’t do before. They can read newspaper without buying it, only sitting in front of their computer, clicking mouse to open website. Shopping online, watching movies, listening music and play computer games are the common things that people often do by computer. But without computer, they can’t do all these easily. In addition, computer is also very helpful for study and work. People can have classes and work on it.


On the other hand, computer has so many attractive things that some people will be addicted to it. Some of them may busy finding funs on it, and then ignore their real duty, such as, study and work. As a result, it will have great bad effect on their future.


To sum, computer has advantages and disadvantages. But if people can control themselves to use computer properly, it is useful for their whole life.


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