Nowadays, TV has spread to every corner of our life. Most children watch TV after school, on the weekend and in holiday. While they usually spend almost no time to play with other children outside their home. Some people worry that TV attracts children too much that they many don’t want to communicate to other children of the same age. Some people think TV can teach children a lot of thing. For me, I think TV will have a negative effect on children. Reasons are listed below.


First of all, children spend too much time on watching TV that they don’t go outside to play with others. For children, they should go to play with others so that they can be more sociable and adaptable to our society.


Secondly, children’s eyes will be badly hurt. Those who often watch TV are easily to become near sight because TV can reflect strong light which will hurt children’s eyes.


All in all, not only TV can lead to near sight but also TV occupied too much of children’s time to play with others. Therefore, our parents should limit children’s time on watching TV so that children can avoid being affect badly by TV.


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