Nowadays, in China, more and more family only have one child because of the one child policy. Parents are taking more attention to their children than before. With the economic condition is becoming better, parents are tend to put the best things for their children, they want them to receive the best education, hope them will be able to become the useful gift of country and society. However, i think too much care can be harmful to children.


In the first place, i would like to take an example to support my opinion. A father who recently be admitted to the same university with his daughter, he said he accompanied his daughter to study together since she was in middle school, and now they are going to the same university, which makes the father very happy. On contrary, his daughter seems not that delight, she said she had already got tired of her father’s companion, she wants freedom and independent.


In the second place, parents like to make their children signed up for a lots after-school program, they think the more skills their children know the more useful for their growth. Children have to take art, English, piano after school. According to the overload situation, children already have too much homework to do after school; the interested class makes them have less time to relax themselves. They might have short-sightedness or depressed.


In a word, even though the parents thought it is good for their children, but they have to consider how much pressure that the children can suffer. The best for children is to let them chose what they really want and give them some personal space.


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