From the emergence of " Marry-Upon-Graduation" , and the 1970 s to be the maid of honor of 1980s, urban women’s marriage seems overnight into the early bus. So, faced with more and more women accept the concept of "early marriage", how to choose? Different women have different choices, some women choose to get married as soon as she graduated, some choose to have stable work first and then look for objects. I think that marriage is the root of happiness, and career is a sign of confidence. Young people still need to have their own work first, then to consider the matter of marriage.


Nowadays, aged man is really preferred to choose those free-standing self-improvement women. Women who has no money and no career are at risk of reduced to a lover. First of all, we have to make sure we know what lifestyle we want, is a housewife or an independent woman?  Then we will be easy to know which life we want.


A woman should learn as much in the pattern of the early age, lay the foundation for future career. Don't wait for old age, have the burden of the family, the study and the test, it will be very tired. But hard work, does not affect you going to pursue love and marriage of sweet happiness. If you have a good job and stable position, your situation will be different in your husband’s home.


Actually, this question is as important as asking what to eat or sleep, both are inseparable. Modern women, is a good balance when she deals with the relationship between family and career, both development. In real life, and there is no lack of such a woman. However, women at a young age, first of all, should have their own work. Only independent women can live happily.


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