I love dreaming, i can say that without any shame. Some one might said that this is an often mediocre and the lazy excuse, the people who like dreaming is most probably want to avoid reality, they are a loser in the real world, so they hide themselves in the dream world, to enjoy the fancy world that they could not have in the real world. On the contrary, some one think that dreaming is good to people, which i could not agree more.


  Firstly, dreaming is a helpful way for people to release their pressure. In the modern society, people are suffer more tension than before, the stress from work, study, family and so on. Even though there are lots of ways to coping with stress, but it is no doubt that sleeping is the most comfortable and convenient way to release pressure. Take a nap, swimming in the magic of a dream world, it could really lift the spirits.


  Second, dreaming could make people more creative. As everyone knows, the things in dreams are not often happen in the real world, it is a bizarre and untouchable world that can evolve by its own logic, different from the one in our life. In some ways, with those miraculous dreams, people could think out of box, they are more creative and innovation.


  In sum, dreaming is not a lazy excuse, it really could help people release pressure both in physical and psychological. So why don’t we take a nap when we feel tire.


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