We like travel because we like to move around, and enjoy the feelings of freedom. We are very delightful to get rid of the girdle, responsibilities and obligations of our life. We like unknown things; we like to meet someone new, they could bring us a moment of pleasure. We could enrich our personality in the trip. Those are the reason why the youth drop out of school for travel, which I could not agree with.


In the first place, the youth should pay more attention to the preparation for their future. Even though there is an old saying goes: never too old to learn, but it is good to learn in a younger age, which we could learn thing fast and be able to handle it quickly. In this day and age, the modern enterprise is more prefer a professional graduate student than a skill less social person.


In the second place, most young people have no source of money; they may find a part-time job to earn money to afford the travel costs. Anyway, the cash-strapped young people could be an economic burden to their parents. Parents hope that their children could take their study seriously rather than the experience of travel. It is acceptable to go for a travel during the vacation but never at cost of drop out the school.


Therefore, we should not approve of suspension of schooling for travel, adolescents should go to school to study and enrich their personality in vacation.


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