In 2012, there was a law provided that the blind could carry a guide dog in the public places, and the staff should provide barrier-free service in accordance with the regulations. But there still exist many public places that the guide dog can not go into, which cause a big trouble for the blind.


The people who against the guide dog argue that there was too many case the dog attack innocent passerby, especially for the little kid, they have on ability to fight back, it could be fatal. Moreover, they think guide dog is an animal which have parasites or carry a variety of viruses once transmitted to humans would be a very troublesome thing.


Consider above reasons, it is understandable that people worry about it. But I can say that they are overthink. Frist of all, according to established international practice, when people chose a guide dog, it must be a docile dog breed, and the no.1 condition to be a guide dog is that they do not have the record of attacking the similar and mankind in the nearly seven generation. Second, all of the guide dog are trained strictly, a bridle-wise guide dog could lead their owner across through a busy street, they could help the blind to take a bus, pass objects, they will ignored the disturbance to the passersby, at the same time they also won’t attack on them.

In sum, guild dog is the eyes for the blind. If they go out without a guide dog, many trouble will come to them, they will not be able to do many things that they want. Hence, guide dog should be allowed to show up in public.


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