Due to the mercurial world nowadays, there is an intensifying competition in every field. Admittedly, a few students in a university decide to try their hands at business for the sake of adapting themselves better to their future. With this sentiment, they set up small shops near the university. With the emergence of the phenomenon, some people hold the concept that the business experience would help them, while others hold negative view. As far as I am concerned, I am deeply convinced that the university students had better devote their energy to their study rather than to so-called business.


  First, doing business is not an effective way for students for preparing themselves for the future, simply because it is not what they are going to do after graduation. As well-educated elites of the society, university students will shoulder much greater responsibilities after graduation than others. Compared to the much sophisticated careers they are going to have in the future, be it academic, technical or other professional ones, the experience and skills they can gain from selling small stuff for a tiny profit will not benefit them significantly for their future pursuit.


  Second, it is such a waste of student’s time and energy. The four years in university are the best time when young people can concentrate on acquiring knowledge, which is critical for students to mature intellectually. It is also in the university that they can have easy access to constant supervision and coaching of professional educators.


  In sum, university students should not waste their time and energy to doing business. Only through real dedication to study and training in the university can they be best prepared for the glamorous future.


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