Humor is a flavor of our lives. Humor can soften relationship between people; humor can adjust the atmosphere of different occasions; humor can bring more fun and joy to our lives.


First, humor is very necessary in communicating with others because it can soften relationship between people. In the process of getting along with others, the occurrence of difference and contradiction is inevitable. Sometimes, when we want to persuade others to agree with our points, we will find that our points are easier to be accepted if we argue in a humorous tone.


Second, humor can adjust the atmosphere of different occasions. A person having a good sense of humor is good at adjust the atmosphere. For example, in a family, if the husband has a good sense humor, their family life would be more harmonious because he can adjust the atmosphere in time to avoid the occurrence of quarrel.


Finally, a person having a good sense of humor can bring fun and joy to others. It is not difficult to find that a humorous person is always warmly welcomed in any occasions because he can bring happiness to everywhere he goes. In addition, staying with the humorous people, we will find that we will be more positive and our lives will be more wonderful.


Therefore, all of us need to learn some skills of humor and use them properly so that we can make our lives be more wonderful.

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