Fast food has flooded in our lives nowadays. Concerning fast food, different people have different attitudes.Some hold that fast food is necessary in our society while others argue that fast food is harmful to our health. As far as I am concerned, fast food is necessary but not a must in our lives.


On the one hand, fast food is necessary in our today’s society. Although fast food is not as nutritious as home-made food, it is a good replacement when we are in hurry and have no enough time to prepare food by ourselves. It can help us to save much time. In addition, fast food is cheaper but various and we can taste different kinds of food by using less money.


On the other hand, however, fast food is not a must. Fast food can be used to replace our home-made food sometimes, but we should not eat it very often. Compared with home-made food, the nutrition provided by fast food is far less. Therefore, eating fast food only can not provide enough nutrition for our growth. Besides, the problem of food security is another factor we should consider when eating fast food.


In a word, fast food is necessary sometimes in our lives, but we can not eat it very often. At the same time, to fit for the need of people, fast food restaurants should develop and provide more and more nutritious food and strengthen the supervision of food making.


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