In recent years, the death penalty has been aroused people’s attention and the heated discussions towards it are right on their ways.


On the one hand, some people hold that the death penalty should not be canceled. They argue that the death penalty can act as a threat or a limitation for the criminals. If the death penalty is canceled, the criminals will be more cruel and crazy, and that will be a bigger threat for people. In addition, cancelling the death penalty will weaken the effect of our laws.


On the other hand, some people consider that the death penalty should be canceled. They point out that no matter what the criminals have done, they are still human beings. Each life is precious and we should respect each life. Besides, we should give another chance for the criminals to remedy their mistakes and amend themselves.

另一方面,有些人认为死刑应该取消。他们指出,不管罪犯做了什么,他们终究还是人。生命都是宝贵的, 我们应该尊重每一条生命。此外,我们应该给罪犯一个弥补过错,改过自新的机会。

Taking above into consideration, I am inclined to agree with the former. I suggest that we should remain the death penalty. Although the latter is right in some extent, I do not agree that those who murder deliberately should be forgiven and pardoned. 


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