Recently, I have been reading a book named Communication Arts. In this book, the author Doctor Li introduces many methods to communicate with others successfully and tells readers why everyone should be a polite person. My favorite sentence in this book is “Everyone has potential, and everyone can determine your own future by developing positive psychological, mastering communication arts and showing your personality charm. In that way, you can have a wonderful life!”


During whole sections, this book tells us human should live in a large group, since people can’t solve all problems by their own. For that matter, human beings should learn a series of manners to deal with any situation which might happen wherever and whenever. After that, Doctor Li makes a point that people need to realize how to resolve disagreements between friends, families or colleagues. There always appears this kind of situation in social life, so it’s important to understand how to settle it. Finally he teaches us that communication techniques not only reflect in normal talk but also within body languages.


In each part of the book, the author takes a large number of examples in daily life to confirm his points. These examples in daily life are easy to understand and accept.


After reading the book, I find many shortages of my communication skills. I used to lack of patience when I talk to others, even got mad at them. This was impolite and might destroy relationships between my friends and me. Therefore I would try my best to improve myself and be welcome.


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