With a success of a “Super Girl” show a few years ago, a growing number of “Super Girl” or “Super Boy” have been springing up in our country. Accordingly, a large number of young people swarm into taking part in this kind of shows. Concerning with this phenomenon, people have different opinions.


For one thing, some people sing high praise of it because they consider this kind of shows as another chance to be famous. Some parents also argue that it is a good chance for youngsters to display their ability and personality. Some also point out that younger can broaden their horizon and increase their social contact through these shows.


However, for another, those people who hold diverse views figure that it is not a rational choice for those who have no talent in the fields; on the contrary, taking part in these shows will increase their family financial burden and wasting their time. The worst thing is that some young people give up their studies to attend these shows and that will depress them a lot if they were lost in the shows.


Taking the above into account, I consider that people should think twice before they act, especially those who have no any talents in this field and those whose families are not so rich. But at the same time, I advocate that those who have some talents in singing or acting or other things can make a try.  


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