In recent years, there are people in expanding numbers who have participated in the test for civil servants. Millions of students choose civil servant as their most ideal occupation after graduation. According to the authoritative statistic, more than 1.5 million people take the exam, and the most competed position ratio is 9175:1.The craze in civil service exam has attracted widespread attention. In my opinion, people take part in the exam should basis on their personality and dreams, not just drifting with the current.

近年来,参加公务员考试的人不断扩大。成千上万的学生选择公务员作为他们毕业后最理想的职业。据权威统计,超过1500000人参加考试,而最具竞争性的职位录取比例为9175: 1.公务员考试的热潮已经引起了广泛关注。在我看来,人们参加考试应该根据对他们的性格和梦想为依据,而不是随波逐流。

First and foremost, one of fundamental causes which accounts for this kind of craze is that most people think civil servant is the iron rice bowl, having less stress in job market. Nowadays, not only fresh graduate faces great employment pressure, but also many high-educated, such as boffin, white-collar, have the same pressure. People who work in companies have to work overtime without paying. Besides, with the stronger ability of young people have, the larger chance they would get, when they become older, they would worry about the increasingly fierce competition of society. But the civil service is different. It is stable, as long as they don't make any big mistakes, they would not be fired.


Moreover, the high social position of civil servants is a crucial factor to attract many people to take part in the exam. In recent years, accompanied with the policy of reform and opening-up, both of national and local civil servants are more respected. In addition, the mind of “A good scholar will make an official” has deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Most people think that civil servants owning power would glorify and illuminate the ancestors.


Last but not least, the welfare and salary of civil servants have been improved greatly, which undoubtedly become people’s preferable choices. In some big cities of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, registered permanent residence is very important. House, school and medical insurance all link together with it. Generally, enterprise will not solve these problems for employees easily.

最后但并非最不重要的,公务员的福利和待遇有了很大的提高,这无疑成为人们最好的选择。在中国的一些城市户口是非常重要的,如:北京,上海。 房子,学校和医疗保险都和它联系在一起。一般来说,企业将无法轻易棒员工解决这些问题。

To conclusion, this craze for civil service exam will keep a long time in the following years. If most high quality talents gather in the government departments, it might lead to a waste of resources. Both the individuals and the government should have a more objective recognition of the civil service exam.


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