Every day when we turn on the TV-set, what appears into our eyes first is advertisement. Some people think that advertisements have many advantages, while I take no interests in them at all. On the contrary, they are a great nuisance in my mind.


There are two main disadvantages of advertisements. For one thing, advertisements often mislead us. Most sellers on advertisements boast that their products are superior to other ones in the markets. However, they are inferior in quality. When people fall for the tricks, they can do nothing but complain and regret because they can’t contact the sellers to get compensation after purchasing. For another, advertisements usually take up plenty of time on TV, so we can’t watch any TV programs in a happy mood. What is worse is that many interesting programs are segmented by a lot of boring advertisements, which makes us feel annoyed. But we have to stand.


In conclusion, advertisements have become a new form of visual pollution which must be prohibited strictly.


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