With the rapid process of modernization, computer becomes more and more popular. Nowadays, almost every family has a computer. Because of computers, our daily life is improving.


Computer has a great effect on our daily life. In the first place, computer has so many functions. As we have computers, we needn't buy books, radios, TVs and any other things, because computer can take place of them. Secondly, surfing on the Internet must be very interesting. Through the Internet, we can do everything we like. Thirdly, thanks to the Internet, we can get the further education at any time, so we don't have to get up so early in winter days.


However, a coin has two sides, because it's new doesn't mean it's always good. At present, most students spend too much time on computer games. I don't think it's a good phenomenon, because it will do great harm to our eyes as well as our health if we play computer games all the time.


In my opinion, we should use the computers in the right way. For instance, we can read the latest news on the internet to know the world better; read the e-books to enrich our knowledge or download some useful information for our work. We can also make different friends on the Internet, so that our life will be colorful. I believe computers will be our best friends if we make good use of them.


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