Nowadays, more and more university students find it hard to find a good job after graduation. However, the employers also fint it difficult in hiring a suitabale staff at the same time. Why does this happens? I think there must be something related to the graduates.


First of all, many employers find that most students have nothing working experience concerning with their major. As students’ main job in school is study, employer should not make too high requirement to them actually. But students should have an internship before entering the society or at least have a concept about the job related to their specialized subject. Most students know nothing except the textbook, which makes them feel hard to get start. What’s worse, some graduates don’t learn well in school. They neither have experience nor master the theoretical knowledge. In addition, the majority of students are the little prince and princess at home. They haven’t suffered any hardship with the protection of their parents. As a result, they can’t endure hardship or easily give up when meeting difficulties.


To summarize, the graduates should try their best to improve themseves to get out the embarrassing situation of finding jobs. That also makes recruiting much more smoothly. I firmly believe this situation will be better in the future.


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