Bus: This is the most common transporting means, because it's so cheap and efficient. You can go to other cities by bus, but it's very slow in rush hours. And sometimes it's dangerous to take the bus, because the traffic accidents may happen at any time on high ways.

公交车:这是最常见的交通运输工具,因为它是如此的便宜和高效。你可以做公交车去别的城市但是在上下班高峰期是很慢的。 有时候坐公交车很危险,因为在高速公路上交通事故是随时都可能发生的。

Train: It's suitable for the long trip. Not only it is fast and convenient, but also it's so economical. Most people can afford it. What's more, it's more pleasant than taking any other means of transportation. You can walk around and open the windows on the train. Besides, you can have a rest when you feel tired. And then you'll get to your destination the next day.


Plane: Air travel is very fast and enjoyable. It seems that our world is a small place to live in, but it's too expensive for many people.


Ship: Even though ship voyage is slow, it's still exciting, for one can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the sea and feel the soft sea wind.


Subway: It can be easily seen in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. It's so comfortable, convenient and always on time. You can take it to every part of the city. As it's built underground, you needn't care about the traffic jams. Now it becomes more and more popular.


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